Infographics – Get heard in a roaring crowd


Circa 1967, Strother Martin of Cool Hand Luke fame uttered a phrase which prophesized the plight of an over-communicated society we live in. The phrase goes –

“What we’ve got here is (a) failure to communicate”

This phrase very aptly captures the boarding room sentiment when content marketing strategies – worth godzillion of mammon – fail. And remember, that was 1967!

These are strange times. While the information glut heads northwards every passing minute, attention spans abandon evolutionary process with alacrity. Today, an average person is exposed to so much information that it is only natural for him to go incommunicado. So, what kind of content cuts through the clutter and makes it through the defenses of even someone with a Guinness World Record for the shortest attention span?

The answer is infographics which are visual representations of information, data, or knowledge. Doing a keyword research on “infographics” on Google Insights for search reveals a revival of interest in infographics towards the end of 2009. Revival – because infographics have been a part of human history for long. They have come a long way in sophistication and presentation since the earliest cave paintings and maps.

Perhaps, it was around that period that the realization dawned that too much content was being created most of which was getting lost in the server farms. It was then the content marketers realized the importance of making the process of content consumption easier for the prospect. Visual cues with associated succinct yet supple content fragments, demystified the complex relationships and interdependencies. No wonder then, infographics have surged in popularity.

To us, it’s just ancient wisdom.


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