Why mobile advertising is a must for B2B marketers


With information consumption via mobile set to overtake PCs in the coming years, it has become absolutely necessary for marketers to incorporate mobile into their marketing mix. In 2014, mobile is expected to be $31.45 billion, accounting for nearly one-quarter of the total digital as spending worldwide (Source: eMarketer).

But why is mobile advertising on the rise? How do B2B marketers benefit from mobile advertising? What does it offer B2B marketers that other mediums do not? In this post, we have answered these questions by outlining some of the most important pay-offs of mobile advertising.

The Benefits

  • Provides for instant reach

Business executives rely on mobiles to do everything from locating a vendor office to viewing demos on their smartphones. Mobile advertising capitalizes on this dependence by allowing marketers to reach their target audience almost instantly as opposed to email or other channels where one has to wait till the customer checks his/her mail or comes in contact with that message.

  • Overall cost-effective

Mobile advertising can cost significantly lesser for marketers as compared to other advertising formats offline and online. Google’s mobile ads are cheaper than their desktop ads which is something marketers should take advantage of in order to enhance brand awareness and drive conversions among their mobile audience.

  • Reach customers during their time of need

Mobile advertising in the form of search and paid mobile ads also allow marketers to reach customers at their point-of-need, which basically means the time when they’re searching for something urgently or sometime during the initial stages of their purchase journey. Marketers can now utilize Ad extensions such as Click-to-call by Google which basically allows customers to call the business by clicking directly on an advertisement.

  • Higher engagement using rich media formats

Rich media formats in mobile advertisements are known to spark engagement and promote a higher level of interaction with the target audience. The report “The State of Mobile Advertising” Q2 2012 indicates that two-thirds of users that click through to a video will complete the interaction, with an average dwell of 52 seconds.

  • Targeting and personalization

Marketers can also tailor ads to their target audiences based on criteria such as location, device type, etc. This allows marketers to capture their audiences using highly personalized advertisements tailored specifically for them. For instance, marketers can now go one step further with location targeting by not just focusing their ads on a prospect from a geographic stand-point but also from a mobile standpoint – whether they are home or at office or close to your office? By identifying where the prospect will be when they are reading your ads, you can further customize your advertising to your target audience.

The importance of mobile advertising is only going to increase in the coming years, with the focus moving away from a generic to more specific and targeted customer acquisition strategies.

Do you use mobile advertising? How has it benefited your business? Let us know in the comments section.


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